Luxury Pedicures

Encore Pedicure $30

Our classic pedicure. Your nails are trim, shaped, cuticles detailed & your feet lightly buffed and exfoliated with a pomegranate peel. A massage then followed with our moisturizing creams enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Polish.

True Lavender Pedicure $38

Your feet will enjoy all the followed benefits of a bath of lavender aroma, followed by the Lavender sea salt scrub. Your skin will be left glowing and smooth after a hydrating mask is applied to your feet with steamy hot towels.

Cranberry Buss Pedicure $43

A relaxing cranberry sea salt soak combined with essential oil. Your feet will by be cleaned and nails perfectly pedicure followed by a 15 minutes massage.

Savory coconut-Lime Pedicure $47

Your feet are soaked in a coconut-lime mineral bath. Following the soak, your feet will take pleasure in an exfoliating coconut scrub and a paraffin dip that will enhance skin protection. Your feet will then experience revitalization with a coconut-lime massage.

Tropical Mango Pedicure $47

Mean to treat rigorous calluses. So relax with a soothing mango mask and a soak that softens the rough areas of your feet and is then completed with a paraffin dip that will leave your feet perfectly rejuvenated and ready for a swim down the beach.

Encore Champagne & Rose Pedicure$62

Enjoy this divine pampering treatment in a soak with sparkling scented rose-petals. Then exfoliate in a rose and Champagne scented salt scrub with a rose infused mask and aromatic paraffin followed by a rose and champagne hot oil cream massage leaving you feeling luxurious and a sense of relaxation.

The Lavish Pedicure $72

Our ultimate pedicure experience with the added benefits of your choice of scent. Your service begins with your feet getting bathed in a scented mineral soak with a buffer and callus treatment. Weíll then exfoliate your feet with sea salt scrub and apply a mask to moisturize and revive your skin. Your service ends with paraffin and your legs are wrapped in a steamy towel followed by a 15 minutes massage. Polish.


Encore Manicure$20

Our classic manicure, Your nails are trim and shaped, cuticles detailed, and your hands massaged. Polish.

Green Tea Manicure $28

Take the Encore Manicure and add exfoliation using our Green Tea sugar scrub to condition your hands. Your hands will then be massaged with green tea oil and cream is finally applied to seal in the moisture plus a green tea extract mask with warm towels. Polish.

Rose & Champagne Manicure$43

Our most luxurious hand-spa treatment; our Encore Manicure with exclusive Rose and Champagne sugar scrub plus a hydrating mask, paraffin dip and a 15 minute massage with aromatic Rose and Champagne oil. This is the perfect recipe for absorbing the rish, romantic, renewing benefits, from our most exclusive collection. Polish.

Kid 's Menu

For children under 12 yrs

Prince/Princess Manicures $15

Prince/Princess Pedicure $25

Polish Change Hands $8

Polish Change Feet $12

Princess Manicure $18

Her nails are trim, shaped, and buffed followed with a light massage with her choice of lotion Polish & Nails art.

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic $35 & Up

Acrylic Fill In $25 & Up

Pink & White $55 & Up

Pink & White Fill In $45 & Up

Pink Fill Only $30 & Up

UV Gel $40 & Up

UV Gel Fill In $30 & Up

UV Gel Full Set w/Gel Colors $45 & Up

UV Gel (Fill-Ins w/Gel Colors) $40 & Up

Liquid Gel Full Set $50 & Up

Liquid Gel Refill $40 & Up

Liquid Gel Full Set with Gel Colors $60 & Up

Liquid Gel with Gel Colors Fill In $50 & Up

Liquid Gel Full Set Pink & White $65 & Up

Liquid Gel Refill Pink & White $55

Ombre Nail Full Set $60 & Up

Ombre Nail Fill In $35 & Up

Dipping Full Set $40 & Up

Dipping Full Set with Tips $45 & Up

Dipping Full Set Pink & White $50 & Up

Gel Polish w/o Manicure $25

Gel Polish Manicure $32

Soak-Off with Services $5

Colors Polish Change Hand $10

Colors Polish Change Feet $14

French or American Polish w/o service Hands $13

French or American Polish w/o services Feets $17

Nail Repair $5 & Up

Nail Design $6 & Up

Nail Remover Acrylic $15

Nail Removal Gel/Dipping $10

Facial Services

Express Facial $55

Our go-to treatment with a professional touch followed by a massage to the face, neck, and shoulders

Signature Facial $85

We customize our Signature Facial according to your wants and needs. Each facial includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions and a masque. Massage for your hands, arms, neck, shoulders and face is also included

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Fullset lashes$155

Classic Refill $88


Body Massage $85/hr


Sugar Wax, Threading

Lip, Eye Brow & Face w/Threading

Eyebrow $11 $15

Lip $9 $12

Chin $10 $14

Forehead $12 $18

Full face $40 $55

Nose wax $12 $14

Sideburns $17 $22

Neck $12 $17

Eyebrow tint $15

Lamination Eyebrow $55

Chest, Back & Shoulder

Chest $40 / $45

Back $50 / $55

Back & Shoulder $60 / $65

Bikini, Arms, Legs

Bikini Line $35 / $40

Brazilian $60 / $65

Under Arms $20 / $25

Half Arms $30 / $35

Full Arms $40 / $45

Half Legs $40 / $45

Full Legs $55 / $60

Finger waxing $9 / $12

Toe Waxing $9 / $12